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Balancing Climate Change with an Essential Midstream Material


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±US$408M CAPEX with a target of 425,000 tonnes per annum production

Pure Fonte Ltée (PFL) plans to become the lowest cost producer of Nodular Pig Iron (NPI) to supply iron foundries and steel mills by Q3 2022. After assessing 18 locations and several proven technologies, PFL has chosen its site in Quebec, and its technology, Tenova HYL, to become the global leader in quality and price for supplying markets in the US and Europe.

PFL’s business model capitalizes on domestic, premium iron ore, resulting in advantaged supply and shipping for feedstock. Additionally, PFL will have the lowest cost electricity in North America, low cost natural gas supplies, year round operations, and shorter shipping routes to customers. These combine to deliver a distinct competitive advantages in a stable political climate, over the current suppliers from Brazil, Ukraine, South Africa, and Russia. 

Tenova HYL proven process technologies will ensure that PFL will be the lowest emitter of CO2 globally per tonne of metal, resulting in significant local and federal government investment support for the project, as well as a ‘green’ product.

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Nodular Pig Iron (NPI)


NPI is a high purity, premium iron product that is an intermediary in the production of steel products - in particular, "mission critical and fail-safe" components. 

PFL's NPI will have precise purity essential for products in these sectors: 

- Aerospace

- Wind Energy

- Automotive

- Healthcare

- Defense

- Rail 

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